Welcome to Energizing Minds!


Energizing Minds is a team of business professionals who share a passion for nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear science and technology, teaching, and public outreach. We are working together to rekindle public knowledge and understanding of nuclear energy and nuclear science.


Our goals are simple – to create awareness within school age students that numerous opportunities exist within the nuclear industry, now and into tomorrow; to educate students that the nuclear industry will not only require engineers, but all facets of the workforce; and to share our passion for nuclear energy, nuclear power, nuclear science and our enthusiasm for education (STEM), teaching and outreach with the public.


Please take this opportunity to allow our team to come into your classroom, homeroom, and assembly to help educate this pool of future talent. Our in-class presentation is based around 15-minute modules for easy customization. Current modules consist of


  • Basic nuclear principles
  • Energy demand
  • Reducing CO2 emissions
  • Various industries that use nuclear concepts
  • Various career opportunities that exist within the nuclear industry
  • Radiation in everyday life


Please contact us at info@energizingminds.com to learn more and to schedule an appearance at your school or event.